Brutalist Paradise


Birmingham (UK) opened a spectacular new public library late last year, so back in February I opted to visit the site of the much maligned old Birmingham Central Library, an iconic Brutalist monolith that dominates Chamberlain Square. Though not classically attractive, Central Library is notable as one of relatively few examples of true Brutalist architecture in Britain, though sadly the city council have an Certificate of Immunity for the structure, preventing English Heritage from obtaining listed status for it. In the last few years it has also gained some fantastic murals, and it was these which would the focus of this visit.



IMG009q  IMG008o  IMG007m

IMG001  IMG002c  IMG005i


Here comes the science bit:

Camera: Zenit 11

Lens: Pentacon MC 3.5-4.5 / 35-70

Film: Afga Vista 200

Dev: Tetenal C-41 negative 2 bath kit (3.5min@38c dev / 4.0min blix / 1.0min stab)


2 thoughts on “Brutalist Paradise

    • Thanks for the heads up, it’s the first I’ve seen of it, but an amazing project. It just makes me wish I had the chance to get some images at the old Tricorn centre in Portsmouth before it was pulled down.

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