It’s amazing what you can do with Quality Street


Dawlish, it must be said, is a somewhat unremarkable location in Devon. Stuck somewhere between the status of Large Village and Small Town, it is noted as the place where the London-Penzance mainline collides with the sea, largely in an attempt to avoid Dartmoor, which skulks, high and impenetrable, not far inland from here. As such, the town is well known to railway enthusiasts as a good place for train-spotting. Indeed, it was the railway which finally brought the town’s existence to the attention of the rest of the public, when the winter storms of February 2014 caused the railway to fall completely into the sea – as opposed to the sea falling on the railway, which happens at pretty much every high tide.

Shortly before aforementioned railway problems, I found myself playing with my then newly obtained FED-50, a roll of Agfa Vista 200, and a load of sweet wrappers (blue and purple turned out the most… interesting) left over from Christmas. Naturally, we found that Quality Street gave better results than Roses. If only the Green Triangle pralines didn’t come with foil wrap…

img001a  img004d


img006f  img008h

img012l  img013m


img003c   img023v


Here comes the science bit…

Camera: FED-50

Lens: Industar 81 (38mm/f2.8)

Film: Agfa Vista 200

Dev: Tetenal C-41 negative 2 bath kit (3.5min@38c dev / 4.0min blix / 1.0min stab)


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