Grainy Days in Liverpool


Not long ago, I stumbled across an unprocessed roll of film. These days when I shoot a roll of film, whenever possible I stick part of an address sticker on it with details of where, when and how I shot it. Alas, back in 2012 it appears I hadn’t figured that out yet. With no idea what it was, or even how old it was, I developed it, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

It turned out to be from my university days in Liverpool, taken during the summer break of 2012 – and I must admit, I was really quite pleased with some of them that I felt really bring this beautiful port city to life. Finding these brought back a lot of happy memories of this cultured abode that is something of a “mini London” but with less ironic facial hair, less pretense, fewer stabbings, and where one doesn’t need to be on the Forbes Rich List to afford the rents – or a Travelcard. Plus the beaches are – quite literally – miles of golden sand. Without further ado, Liverpool, ladies and gentlemen.

img007g img001a

img003c  img002b

img008h   img009i

img011k   img012l  img018r

img014n img016p img017q  img019s img021u img023w img024x img025y img027aa img031ae









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