Through the silver darkly is a record of my bumbling exploration of film photography, and a place where a few words can be added to the thousand in each picture.

At present most of my work on here is shot in the 35mm. I started off solely with Zenit cameras (a 122, later an 11, 19 and 18) and currently use Zenit 11 and Chinon CE-4 SLRs and a FED 50 compact. I also have a Lubitel 166 to experiment with 120 film , and two Zenit 18 bodies, sadly both in need of repair/restoration.  My choices are primarily shaped by a very tight budget, hence the somewhat eclectic nature of the collection.

The glass I use is similarly dictated by how broke this humble wanna be artist is at any given moment in time, and includes the ever affordable and always awesome Helios 44M, the razor sharp Zenitar 50mm f1.7, the under-appreciated Granit 70-200, a heavily worked Pentacon 35-70 and ugly duckling Prinzflex 28mm wide angle. I find myself using the Pentacon much of the time, along with the Prinzflex, as I tend toward landscape and architecture, along with the Zenitar and Helios for macro. As a result, my main aim right now is trying to dig up a decent Mir wide-angle to replace the Prinzflex.

I eschew auto-focus as being a complicating, rather than facilitating factor in playing with light. I am not against it as “tainting” the art of photography. It just frustrates me. To those who use it – all power to you!

So enjoy, and don’t be afraid to comment and share your thoughts or questions.



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